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Making Of

Hand-made animated films are quite labour-intensive. Jessica Koppe produces her films mostly on her own at her studio in Porta Westfalica. She writes the script, draws the storyboards and concept designs and bulds puppets and sets. She also sets up camera and lighting, animates and edits the scenes.

Jessica has wanted to make a film about the ancient tale of Orpheus, who descends to the Underworld to rescue his beloved Eurydice from death for a long time. She tries to emphasize the apparent fragility of the world at the moment when we lose someone beloved by mainly using a delicate material like paper. All puppets and sets are either made of paper or they're coated with it.

The following image gallery documents the making of the film over the last five years.

Image gallery

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Shopping List

Materials used for the sets:

For the puppets Jessica used these materials:

Technical equipment

„Eventually it is not the technical equipment that is crucial, but the dedication with which a story is been told.” Jessica Koppe, 2012