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About the film

„Into the Dark“ is an animated short Stop frame animation. Jessica Koppe is a freelance artists tells the ancient tale of Orpheus, the most talented musician of ancient Greek. Orpheus can not bear the grief after the death of his beloved Eurydice. He therefore takes on a journey into the underworld to rescue her.


Imagine you loose what you love most.
– What would you do?

Just by the magic of his music – which, according to legend, is also able to move mountains – he defies all the dangers he encounters. Because Orpheus' music charms even the gods, the rescue of Eurydice seems to be no obstacle.

Even Hades, ruler of the dead succumbs to the strains of Orpheus' lyre. But he makes one condition: Orpheus must not turn around until the couple returned to the surface, otherwise Eurydice must remain in the underworld forever. If, however, Orpheus will not turn around, Hades grants them a long life together.

Now it's up to Orpheus to trust the God of the Underworld, and to follow his instructions.

In a mixture of puppet and silhouette animation, we accompany the singer on his journey in this all handmade silent film.

* * *

It took Jessica almost five years to complete the film. Phillippe LaVille created the atmospheric soundtrack for this short. Even though both of them has known each other since school, this is their first joint production.


film still from the cemetery

film still from the departure

film still from the underworld



We celebrated the film's premiere on Saturaday, 2 June 2012 at the Filmhaus Bielefeld.

Technical data

Original title: Ins Dunkel
Land of production: Germany
Script, storyboard, produktion design, animation, editing and production: Jessica Koppe
Soundtrack: Phillipe LaVille
Stop frame/puppet animation
Running time: 12:53 Min.
Format 16:9, HD, stereo


Interestingly, the question of the budget is often included within application forms of film festivals. The film was had literally no budget but Jessica's inexhaustible imagination and her unstoppable energy. She put no more than 300 euros into this production because Jessica has worked primarily with the simplest or recycled materials. This amount doesn't contain the costs of the technical equipment, since those were already at hand. All in all, Jessica spent about 2000 hours (over five years) to complete this project.